After 25 years in private practice Jerry Veverka welcomed as partner Johanna Forman, who had been with the firm as a Senior Associate for 13 years. Their new firm is VEVERKA PARTNERS, in which Jerry was a partner and design consultant.

Stuart Stoller has become part of our team as a consulting architect. He brings 30 years experience as a Licensed Architect and LEED Accredited Professional in the Bay Area, in both residential and commercial design and construction. Stuart has been active in community based, non-profit organizations that support housing, healthcare and neighborhood empowerment. He is a long term resident of the Bernal Heights neighborhood of San Francisco.

Having worked with both Henry Hill and Jack Kruse near the end of their careers, Jerry developed a special interest in their buildings and helped the new owners of four of their houses upgrade within their original design spirit. "The new owners and I believe in the essential integrity of the buildings".

The Environmental Design Archives at the University of California has collected several of Jerry's drawing sets for their collection, including the Elsie Street Residence and the Passive Solar Residence. The Elsie Street Residence was included in an exhibit of "Houses Architects design for Themselves" at the UC Environmental Design Library.

Jerry Veverka celebrated his new house in El Cerrito CA (VK2, new to the website) as – "the best building I have designed". He was filmed in his first house, the Elsie Street Residence, for the French TV show "Big City Living. He continued to draw, paint and sculpt in the detached studio of his new house.

One of our projects, the Noe Valley Residence, is included in the new book - 1000X International Architecture.

Johanna Forman, in a labor of love, is completing the renovation of her Berkeley CA residence - an exercise in fitting wonder into small spaces.