Green building

Jerry Veverka

March 1941 - April 2014

Jerry Veverka was described by associates as a "good designer - a doer - a well rounded architect". He loved the wide range of activities involved in the practice of architecture and was especially pleased when able to make simple sense out of complex situations.

He first came to San Francisco in 1968 after graduation from the University of Illinois and working for several midwestern firms. After 13 years of professional practice he returned to graduate school to renew his professional interest and continue his education. He earned a Master of Architecture degree from U.C. Berkeley, and served on the faculty of California Polytechnic State University for the next three years.

He returned to San Francisco in 1980 and spent the next five years managing several large and complex office park projects as an Associate with MBT Associates. Jerry left that position in 1985 in order to re-establish a private practice which continues as Veverka Partners. Not having tired of teaching he taught for many years at U.C. Extension, instructing students in perspective drawing and graphic communication.

Jerry worked for many years as an advocate for persons with severe mental illness and served two terms as president of the California Alliance for the Mentally Ill. In his hours off from architecture and volunteer activities he was physically active and could be seen running and walking around town as well as torturing himself on the golf course. Another passion was drawing and painting, his work was exhibited in group shows in San Francisco and the Midwest.

A vibrant farewell to Jerry Veverka, AIA Emeritus, who graced our path with clear contemporary vision, whose spaces speak with strength and elegance. Source of joy, subtle wisdom and the poetic.

Much loved by friends, role model to many. The sanest man in the business.
AKA 'the best boss, ever'.