Green building


We treat people with directness, honesty and fairness - the way we like to be treated.

We enjoy what we are doing and believe that work should be satisfying. We are always learning and we bring a positive attitude to our work.

Our buildings do not all look alike. They look different because their owners are different. Each new project is a new design problem - and we enjoy that! What unifies our design work is not style, but quality and a reflection of the clients' needs and personalities.
We rarely have a preconceived design solution or single style to promote for a project. Our experience has taught us how to use an organized and rational design process to identify the best solutions. Our intention is that the signature of our work is design excellence rather than a particular "look". Our work tends to be contemporary, for our times, and simple rather than cluttered.
We are service-oriented but we know it is not enough to merely satisfy the clients' needs. We must offer more than what our clients think they want. As architects we bring to the project team uniquely the ingredients of aesthetics and design, which when added to the clients' needs total a complete and satisfying project.

"A good building relates to its time and place. A great building not only relates to its context, it has presence. It stands tall and sure of itself without slouching or squirming to please.
Architecture must also be intelligent - a building should have enough content, independent of its formal and spatial richness, that it can be "read". But intelligence alone is not sufficient; architecture must contain elements of poetry - ideal is a building that reveals something about its content in a poetic manner."